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The 2023 school year at the Oasis of Grace Christian School started with much joy as students and teachers were reunited. This joy has grown by way of spiritual fruit. Specifically Joshua Matus (pictured above) is the first student at OGCS to accept Christ this year!

Joshua has been in church all his life. His dad, Pastor Chepe Matus, pastors one of the churches in Jason Rogers’ ministry. Joshua made a decision when he was five years old, but through Bible teaching at Oasis, he realized he did not really understand the true meaning of his decision back then.

Joshua is not the only student in his fifth grade class who has been reflecting on what he believes. Two other boys have been asking a lot of questions about salvation and have shown interest in following in Joshua’s footsteps.

Please pray for continued meaningful spiritual conversations and for courage for those students who want to make the decision to do so!

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