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Our Guiding Principles

God is the head, the enabler, and the sustainer of this organization.  Where He leads, we follow.

Children, especially orphans, hold a very special place in the heart of God.  He cares for them deeply and personally.

God invites His children to join Him in caring for orphans and other children in need.  In His grace, He allows us to be His hands and feet in accomplishing this work.

For our ministry to be most effective, it must reach out, empower, and rely upon local Christians and the local church in the areas we serve.  While foreign resources are beneficial and sometimes necessary, the heavy involvement of local Christians is paramount to our ministry’s long term success.

For our ministry to be considered successful, it must meet both the physical and spiritual needs of the children it desires to serve.

For our ministry to be an effective mirror of God’s love, it must perform the work it is called to do with joy and gladness.

For our ministry to be the most beneficial, it must tell the story of God’s grace through both word and example.  To effectively reach children’s hearts,  18ten ministries can never be judgmental or be known for or characterized by legalism.