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Hazel López
Fifth Grade, OGCA
  • Fifth Grade, OGCA
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My name is Hazel López Palacios. I was born in Jinotepe, Nicaragua on September 12, 1978. I have been teaching at Oasis since the ministry began in 2015. Before that, I worked 7 years as a university professor at the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (Farem Carazo). I have been an adjunct professor at Central American University since 2007. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the National University of Engineers (Managua) and another degree in Touristic Development from Central American University (Managua). I also graduated from the Grace of God Baptist Church Bible Institute. I have one daughter, Marián (14 yrs.), a dog named “Peluche”, and am happily married.

In addition to getting to share the Gospel with children and building relationships with them through games and songs, something I love about teaching at Oasis is that it helps me learn more about God’s Word. There are topics that I’ve taught that have impacted my heart and made me grow more after teaching them. One of my favorite moments as a teacher at Oasis was the day I shared my testimony with my class because afterwards, the students were able to re-tell my story just as I had told it, which showed me it must have truly touched their hearts to get them to listen so intently. My students would be able to tell you my favorite Bible verses: 2 Timothy 1:7 and Joshua 1:9. Please pray that God continues working in the hearts of the children, that they would accept Jesus as their personal Savior.