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January 2021

Iris (7 yrs.) is a very sweet, joyful child who started coming to the Oasis of Grace Ministry in January 2020. She will enter the Oasis of Grace Christian Academy as a third grader in Miss Valeska’s class. Iris’ brother and sister, Isaac (10 yrs.) and Nazareth (9 yrs.), will also attend OGCA next year! Iris, her parents, and her brother and sister live in a community called Guadalupe Cross in Jinotepe, Carazo, Nicaragua. Iris’ chores include cleaning her shoes, helping to clean their house, and sometimes helping her mom sell avocados on the street. She has very little free time, but on Sundays, she attends a local Sunday school.

Iris loves the lunches and time playing with her friends at Oasis. Her favorite school activity is coloring. According to her teacher, Iris is easily distracted and consequently having trouble learning to write and learn the numbers. Her goal is to learn how to draw this year. Let’s pray for Iris, her teachers, and family!