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July 2020

Anyela (6 yrs.) is a very funny, confident girl who started coming to Oasis this year. She lives in a rural community called San Ramiro (pop. 200). Anyela lives with her parents and two-year-old brother. Her main chore is to wash the dishes. In her free time she likes to read the Bible and play baseball with her friends.

Anyela’s teachers say she has made good strides in writing and in learning to read. Her academic goal is to learn to read. She would like to be a nurse to help sick people. Check out her favorite things and join us in praying for her and her family!

If you would like to provide a scholarship for Anyela, please click one of the scholarship options below and note Anyela’s name upon checkout. For more information about scholarships at The Oasis Academy, please visit our Scholarships page at www.18ten.org/scholarships.

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