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Valeska González
Third Grade, OGCA
  • Third Grade, OGCA
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My name is Valeska González García, and I was born on September 12, 1987 in Diriamba, Nicaragua. I grew up in a very humble home in Diriamba with both of my parents. I began my studies at age 7. School was a challenge initially since I had not even learned my letters or numbers at that time. I was able to catch on quickly and always had grades of 90 or higher. At 13, my aunt helped pay for my secondary education at the Santa María Academy of Diriamba. I received my technical certificate from the local INTAE Ricardo Morales Avilés trade school, and am currently studying pedagogy at the UENIC University of Jinotepe. I began working at The Oasis of Grace ministry in 2019. Before Oasis, I worked in the main bookstore in Diriamba. I enjoy my job at Oasis very much. I love learning more about God’s Word. I feel like this job has helped me establish my relationship with God. I have one daughter, Ericka, who is nine years old. We have six dogs at home. In my free time, I love reading to my daughter.