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As shared in our April newsletter, we were looking forward to two trips to visit our current and potential partners in ministry. However, due to the current political situation and instability in Nicaragua, we have decided it best to postpone the trip to Nicaragua and only visit Guatemala at this time. We are thankful that our ministry partners in Nicaragua are safe and continue to lead Oasis de la Gracia with excellence, despite the challenges these circumstances present. Please join us in praying for a solid long-term resolution between the protestors and the government, and that God would continue to open doors for a future Oasis school in Nicaragua.

Despite the change of plans for the Nicaragua trip, Joseph, Sr. and David Sahl still plan to visit Pastor Karel Golcher of Guatemala in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala this Friday, May 25th through Tuesday, May 29th. As Advisor and President for 18ten Ministries, the main goal for this father-son duo will be to investigate the possibility of joining forces with Pastor Karel’s church in hopes of expanding the reach of 18ten into the Xela community. They will be getting to know Karel’s ministry to determine if 18ten and his ministry would be a good fit theologically and philosophically, a necessary component to engaging in a long-term ministry partnership. To read more about Pastor Karel and how 18ten got connected with him, check out this story from April.

Please pray that Dave and Joe would be safe, their visit productive, and of course, that they would have plenty of funny stories to share upon their return.

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