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According to our mission statement, “18ten Ministries exists to respond to the needs of disadvantaged children in Central America by partnering with local churches and providing them the resources necessary to perform the work.”

As you can see, a key component of how we choose to do ministry at 18ten is empowering native Christian leaders in the Central American region to design and implement ministries for disadvantaged children in their communities rather than sending foreign missionaries to do the same work. We feel extremely thankful for the direction God has given us in this regard as we are already seeing some benefits of using this model.

Increased instability throughout the country of Nicaragua unfortunately led a large number of foreign missionaries to return to their home soil. While we know we can trust God to take care of the Nicaraguans who were impacted by those missionaries, many ministries run by missionaries are either scaling back their services or, in some cases, shutting their doors completely until it is safe to return to normal operation.

We saw a similar impact at Oasis de la Gracia. Paramilitary activity in the area was so high that Oasis leadership had to suspend classes for the entire month of June. However, once Pedro López (director) and the rest of the staff recognized it was safe to return to regular Oasis operation, they re-opened their doors on July 5, serving for half the day. Since July 16, Oasis has been operating according to their regular schedule, offering both morning and afternoon classes to children. Thanks to Moises, Oasis’ driver, many children whose families would not allow them to go to public school were able to go to Oasis. They felt the private transit was much safer than walking or taking the city bus to school.

In the midst of the current circumstances, we are humbled to see how this ministry in Nicaragua is truly serving as an “oasis” for the children and families in their community. We are thankful to know that, though the circumstances around them are unpredictable and oftentimes they do not know whom can be trusted, children at Oasis are still hearing about the One whom they can always trust. Please continue to pray for continued blessings, strength, unity, and focus for all the Oasis staff as they continue to spread the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to these young hearts and minds.

18ten is a 501(c)(3) faith-based charitable organization whose impact is only made possible by generous donations from its supporters, and would be honored if you would consider becoming one such supporter. We currently need $2000 more in monthly donations to be able to transition the Oasis ministry into a full-time school. Please click here if you would like to make a donation.

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