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On May 25th, David and Joseph Sahl, Sr. set out on a five-day Guatemala trip, on which they had both the privilege and pleasure of meeting Pastor Karel Golcher and his wife, Samanta, who have been church planting in Guatemala for the past four years. Karel is the head pastor of “Comunidad Cristiana la Roca” (The Rock Community Christian Church) in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Quetzaltenango, or “Xela” for short, is five-hours from “Guate” (what locals call Guatemala City). Dave and Joe were able to spend two full days in Xela, and they made the most of that time. Pastor Joe got to preach on Psalm 23, and both he and Dave hit it off with the Golcher family, who have hearts of gold and are fully committed to spreading the Gospel through their long-term commitment to their congregation in Xela.

That being said, we are so thankful that God has answered our prayers and given us peace to announce that Karel and his church are exactly what 18ten is looking for in a future ministry partnership in Guatemala! This church is not only a Bible-believing church led by a well-educated pastor (Karel is working toward his Doctorate in Ministry from a program in Guatemala connected to Dallas Theological Seminary), but also happens to share 18ten’s perspective on missions, which believes that partnering with local Christians in an area is more likely to ensure a sustainable, long-term impact, as opposed to sending foreign missionaries to do the same work. Though it will take at least a couple of years for Karel and Samanta before they will have leaders trained and committed to do the work, we are confident that partnering with “La Roca” (The Rock) will be a perfect opportunity to reach the disadvantaged children of Xela.

Please pray for Karel and his family, that God would bless their current ministry and sustain them in their service. Pray also that God would raise up church leaders within their congregation who could help support Karel and Samanta. Pray for their congregation to multiply, and that the truth of God’s amazing Grace would be what draws new believers into relationship with Jesus, as opposed to any false prosperity gospel teachings that tend to dominate the Guatemalan protestant culture.

The Golcher family, pictured above (from left): Jimena, Samanta, Karel, and Ludwig

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