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We are very excited to share a recent update on potential ministry developments in Guatemala! As we shared back in June, David and Joseph Sahl felt very encouraged after visiting Pastor Karel Golcher and his wife, Samanta, at the end of May. All four of them feel confident that Karel and Samanta’s church, Iglesia Crisitana La Roca, will be an excellent future ministry partner for 18ten to be able to expand its reach to the disadvantaged children of Guatemala. The majority of families who attend “La Roca” are underprivileged families, so by partnering with La Roca’s children and youth ministries, 18ten could have an immediate impact on the disadvantaged children of Guatemala. A few ideas from Karel and Samanta include: a) construction of a Sunday School room exclusively for children ages 6 – 11; b) higher quality materials for Sunday School classes and this year’s VBS; and c) funds to provide an annual youth camp for children ages 7 – 17.

Please pray for the needs associated with these projects. If you would like to help, please go to our giving page to make a tax-deductible donation. To hear more details directly from Karel and Samanta, and to learn how to properly pronounce Karel’s name (something all of us at 18ten need to practice), check out the Facebook Live video with him and his wife here.

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