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Ronaldo is a loving soon-to-be 4th grader at the Oasis of Grace Christian School. During the last month of school, he expressed the desire to accept Christ and on the last day, Ronaldo officially made the decision and announcement to the rest of the school.

Heart-Warming Details about Ronaldo:

Ronaldo’s best friend is Gabriel, a fellow classmate who has autism. When Samantha Lingamfelter asked Gabriel who his best friend was, he immediately said, “Ronaldo!”

From left: Roxana, Elisabeth, Gabriel, Ronaldo, Samantha, and Edith
Ronaldo (left) and Gabriel (right) hugging goodbye on December 1, 2022, the last day of school.

This special bond explains why both boys had a long embrace on the last day of school, especially because at that time it was planned that Ronaldo would not be returning to OGCS for the following school year. Thankfully, OGCS staff reached out to Ronaldo’s mother who changed her mind and decided to register him again for 2023.

Ronaldo’s Scholarship Provider

Earlier this year, one of our prayer supporters started giving financially and was matched with Ronaldo as his scholarship provider. Now, Ronaldo’s scholarship provider gets to celebrate not just the end to a successful academic year, but the ETERNAL reward of their investment.

Scholarship providers receive specific updates, pictures, and cards from their student periodically throughout the year. They also have the opportunity to send encouraging notes to their students.

Interested in becoming a scholarship provider? If you sign up by Thursday, December 15, our donation match opportunity will make your scholarship count for TWO students at OGCS. Please visit 18ten.org/scholarships for more info.

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