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Along with many memories and pictures from our March trip to visit OGCS, we were honored to also bring back with us over 50 thank you letters from students and parents at the school. We have translated a few of our favorites:

Hello. Greetings and blessings to everyone and those that make the Oasis of Grace Christian Academy possible. You open your doors to our children.

We are the parents of Eleam del Carmen Carballo Rodriguez, and in this short letter we want to thank you all for giving Eleam, our daughter, the opportunity to study and at the Oasis of Grace Christian Academy. It was difficult to pay the monthly fee of 1500 Cordobas, but thanks to God and to you all that made it possible to give us almost a complete scholarship for our daughter. We recognize that shows the love you have for our children for giving them the bread of the teaching. Above all the Christian education that they give our children, teaching them about the love of God, has impacted them in a very positive way.

We just want to tell you with complete certainty that all of the effort in God is not done in vain. We recognize the labor that God has put in you all to bless our children. May God continue filling your life with many blessings. Thank you. – Parents of Eleam del Carmen Carballo Rodriguez

I want to thank you very much the people who made the school possible to provide a very good education to all my classmates. I’m very grateful to have been able to study at the oasis of Grace school. The education is very good, the teachers are very dedicated people to their work.
Thank you for giving me a very good education for making a school with good Christian values and quality teaching. You are a blessing in this nation and in this community. My family and I are very grateful. God bless you always. – Debora Fernandez Lara (5th Grade)

Good day!
Be blessed; Ministry Oasis of Grace. Through this letter we come to you all to express our appreciation for having been given the opportunity of excepting our daughter at your ministry.

We recognize that more than to teach classes, your vision is to plant seeds of the word of the Almighty into our children, which is the most important thing. Maria Celeste Lopez Mendieta in these two months that she has been going to Oasis, has demonstrated with words and actions her delight that it is to be a part of this ministry. It has been a good change for our life and obviously for her. Without anything more we say goodbye to you. May the grace of God continue in each of your lives. -Bertha Mendieta Luis López

Hi my name is Brian Medal. I give thanks to God first and then to you all sponsors for the support that you have shown me. May God guard you and your families in every moment. I’m thankful for you for giving me the opportunity to study in the school oasis of grace because it benefits me a lot because I have learned a lot and above all for the Bible teaching that is the word of God and to be able to learn a lot about God and come to be a servant of his to serve him with a lot of love and for that I give thanks for all of the teaching and that God may God bless you all for all of your help. I say goodbye with a big hug and many blessings for all of you. – Bryan Medal (2nd Grade)

Good day teachers and staff, I’m Roxana De Los Santos Molina Salva and I want to thank God first and all of you for the opportunity to support and my studies in your facility. Thank you for allowing me to apply for a scholarship and I hope with the help of God and you all to grow to be a good and excellent student. May God bless you. Thank you, Roxanna (3rd Grade).

Through the means of the present I come to you all to thank you for the support that you have shown to my daughter. I appreciate you all sincerely because Mariana has improved a lot and is a much more focused and participative student. Her demeanor has improved at home. She expresses herself with manners and a lot of empathy.

The Oasis of Grace project has changed me completely because we can count on a very good education and the instruction that they give my daughter in Bible classes are the ones that I really like because they teach the children how to be good people.

Thank you very much. – Rebecca Mendieta

For us as parents of Cristiana Hernandez, we feel first grateful to God for allowing us to put our daughter in the school. For us it is a great blessing because our daughter receives the Word of God and also we receive the Word and can see how your teachings impact the life of our daughter. For that reason we give thanks to God for the opportunity to be participants in your ministry.

Without any more to add we wish you success in your roles and blessings from God Most High.

– Karla Brio

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