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Our recent trip to Nicaragua was safe and productive. We got to know a few families of children currently attending Oasis and also met with our ministry partners who shared with us the details about what still lacks in order for The Oasis Academy to open as an official Nicaraguan primary school. Though construction hiccups have made it impossible to get the permitting necessary to open the school this coming February (the start of the Nicaraguan school year), we still anticipate the following growth at Oasis in 2020:

* The building should be completed by early 2020
* The current ministry will increase its impact by shifting from a supplemental tutoring program to a curriculum-based program with a structured schedule that better aligns with the current Nicaraguan primary school programs.
* Increased enrollment to 80 students (double the current enrollment)
* Increased staff to 11 full time providers to include a school director, a pastor, 5 teachers, a facilities caretaker, a cook, and 2 security officers.

We trust God’s timing and believe our 2021 school launch will be from a much stronger and more prepared position than it could have been had we been able to rush things into place for 2020.