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As Pastor Sahl likes to remind us: “It’s a new day dawning – time to sing God’s praise again!” He has seen many new day dawn and we praise the Lord for 70 years of life! We asked him to run 70 kilometers to celebrate, be he thought running 10 km for 18ten was more appropriate. When the 18ten board meets in June, Pastor Sahl will run his 10k to kick off the weekend.

The board will be prayerfully considering options for expansion and updating all on the mission in Nicaragua, Oasis de la Gracia. Please celebrate with Pastor Sahl as he runs on June 9th by pledging support to 18ten. Simply send an email to info@18ten.org with your pledge amount. You’re not pledging per kilometer this time – just a single amount for the run. Pastor Sahl said by now everyone knows he’ll crank out all 10 km’s!

Thanks for your continued support. Go Joe Go and to God alone be the glory!

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