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Today has been a good day!  We visited Oasis de la Gracia and interviewed staff along with the families of some of the students.  It is fulfilling to see the ministry of 18ten in action.  The staff is very dedicated to educating the children and guiding them to Christ.  Each one of them have a heart for the Lord and for the work with the children.  Most of the morning was spent at Oasis interviewing staff.  Oasis de la Gracia is in the town of Delores, just outside of Diriamba.  It is very small by USA standards.  It is an old house that has been adapted to work as a classroom, office, kitchen and bathroom.  The facility is moderate for Nicaragua standards.  Lunch was at the restaurant connected to our hotel.  MI BOHIO (my hut) is the hotel and restaurant where we are staying.  The chimichurri steak is delicious!  Plantains…not so much.  After lunch we interviewed parents of the children who attend Oasis de la Gracia.  It is once again amazing and sad to see the living conditions of so many in Nicaragua.  Houses are pieced together, many of them with dirt floors and no running water or plumbing.  Each one of the mothers (there were no fathers present) said how much Oasis has helped their child and the rest of the family.  All of them are very grateful for the Oasis staff.   Ramon and Pedro are always mentioned and thanked.  One thing that stands out from today is that we need to find a way to help the children who go to secondary school (7-12 grade).  Currently Oasis is only set up for 1-6 grades.  Ramon and Pedro are already trying to start some tutoring with older children who “graduate” Oasis.  This could be the next step for 18ten.  We pray that the Lord will give us wisdom as we move forward!

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