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We started day 2 in Diriamba with an authentic Nicaragua breakfast.  The “typical breakfast” included two fried eggs, gallo pinto (beans and rice), and “hatch-back” cheese.  We aren’t sure of the real name for the cheese but have seen it sold out of the back of a hatch-back on the street.  After breakfast, we set out for Oasis de la Gracia.  Upon our arrival, we were greeted by excited children with smiling faces.  It is easy to forget the poor surroundings when the room is filled with such joy and happiness.  As we set up media equipment to take photos, the children sang songs that we learned at their age in school and church (Father Abraham, Lord’s Army).  It was very easy to recognize the songs by their melodies even though they were singing in Spanish.  Every child was anxious and excited to get their picture taken.  One by one the kids would pose for the camera as we tried to make them smile.  After individual photos we interviewed some of the children.  We wished we had more time so that we could talk to all of them.  It was so encouraging to hear them talk about things like what they enjoy about Oasis de la Gracia and what they like to do for fun.  After interviews, we went to a town about 3o minutes outside of Diriamba for lunch.  The restaurant was on a large piece of land with steep terrain and beautiful plants everywhere.  We were surrounded by coffee plants and towering trees.  Hotel Bosque Las Nubes has a restaurant called Mil Flores.  The food was great and we enjoyed talking with Jason (the missionary who introduced us to the local pastors in the area of Diriamba) about his experiences in Nicaragua.  After lunch, we went back to Oasis de la Gracia for the second round of photos with the children.  It was just as fun as the first time.  The children were so happy and we were all laughing and making silly faces at one another.  After the photos, we went out to meet with two more of the families.  The first family was poor, even by Nicaragua standards.  We stood outside their small house as they told us about the difference Oasis de la Gracia had made in the lives of their children.  This was the first home we visited where the father was present.  A father that is involved with raising the children is very hard to find in Nicaragua.  The second home we visited was just as poor as the first.  The children were not there because they had to work taking care of the animals.  This family lived on a small farm they did not own.  They were charged with taking care of the animals and crops.  We stood outside the home and spoke to the children’s grandfather and mother.  The children were in the fields while their father stayed inside watching television.  This is typical for Nicaraguan men.  Most of them are not present in the lives of their children and spend the majority of their time drinking.  We pray through 18ten and the ministry of Oasis de la Gracia that we can help to break this cycle.  After our brief visit, we went back to our hotel.  We explored the streets surrounding our hotel during the afternoon.  Poverty is overwhelming.  Sewer water flows along the side of each street.  A common sight was children playing soccer in the street while cars raced by.  We enjoyed dinner at our hotel restaurant again and spent the evening organizing photos and videos.  As we reflect on our day, we are all truly humbled and thankful.  The Lord is great and mighty.  He is all knowing and powerful.  He guides our path and we pray that He will guide 18ten as we work to grow his kingdom.

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