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Today was our final day in Diriamba.  We visited Oasis de la Gracia in the morning and started by hopping on the bus (van) with Pedro, the director of Oasis de la Gracia.  As we made the stops, the children were ushered into the van by Pedro.  He would stop the van, hop out, hurry the children in, then off to the next stop.  The van filled up quickly with children and laughter.  Chris sat in the back of the bus and introduced a few of them to the game of thumb war.  It didn’t take them long to catch on and soon pretty much all of them wanted to challenge him in a game.  We arrived at Oasis de la Gracia where the children unloaded and took their seats.  The teachers, Hazel and Alejandra, split the children into two groups and the lessons began.  Math tutoring was the first activity of the day.  Both Hazel and Alejandra did a great job working with the children as they learned addition of fractions and calculating the circumference of a circle.  We tried to keep out of the way as we took pictures and video.  After tutoring, the children usually have Bible Study.  Today we had the opportunity to watch them learn English, which they have been doing on Fridays for a while now.  English is taught by Jason Rogers’ wife and the children have learned a lot.  As tutoring and English were in progress, the cook, Maria, worked in the kitchen making lunches.  Since many of the children don’t receive breakfast or dinner at home, lunch at Oasis is often their only meal.  It is important to Pedro that lunch is well balanced and nutritious.  Today’s plate included rice, plantains, shredded pork, beans, potatoes and carrots.  The food smelled great and every plate was eaten quickly.  As lunch was wrapping up for the morning group, the younger children began arriving for the afternoon session.  We took this opportunity to get a group photo.  The children were excited to have their picture taken.  After pictures, the young children began eating their lunch while Pedro took the morning group home.  At this point, we said goodbye to the children and staff of Oasis de la Gracia.  Ramon, Pedro, Alejandra, Hazel and Maria are truly a great team.  All of them have a heart for the Lord and the children.  It is evident by their actions and the sacrifices they have made to be a part of the ministry.  As we said goodbye, we thanked the Lord for each of them and prayed that He would give them strength and wisdom to continue this work.  Jason then drove us to Managua for our last evening in Nicaragua.  We ate a late lunch together and enjoyed chatting with Jason before saying goodbye.  Our hotel was right by the Managua airport and we spent the evening cooling off in the pool before an early bedtime.  Wake up time for the trip home is 4:30a!

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