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Serving children cannot be done without also building supportive relationships with their families. The Oasis staff has always been intentional about these relationships — whether it be making home visits, hosting informational meetings at the ministry, or consistently praying for families.

Over the past few weeks, the staff at Oasis has called each family to check in and even prepared care packages for those in the greatest need. Packages included rice, beans, oil, and oatmeal. Teachers also provided resources to help families discuss God’s Word together. In total, Oasis was able to serve 27 families!

Click here to see more pictures of families that were helped!

Jelsin’s Family

One of these families was Jelsin’s (pictured above). Jelsin (10 yrs.), his sister Mabeling (8 yrs.), their cousin Gloria (8 yrs.), and their other cousin Elías (6 yrs.) all live in the same house (above) and come to Oasis together. Two adults in the home are factory workers at the free trade zone near Oasis. Unfortunately, 30,000 workers were laid off recently due to COVID-19.

Please pray for this family and others like them, and that Oasis would continue to be a light in their community.

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