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Bryan Medal Molina had a rough start to the 2021 school year, but his teacher, Profe Jessica, said that he finished the year in December as the most improved student in her class!

She remembers when he used to have a poor attitude, but “thanks to God, he is a disciplined child.” He finished the year with an overall average of 90% and his behavior has greatly improved.

“I feel very happy to see how he is now,” Jessica says. “God is working in his life because now he says things like, ‘If I do something bad, it displeases God.’ He is very happy to study at OGCS. He cares about getting good grades and wants to keep studying and learn more about God. I pray for him that one day he will accept Christ as his personal Savior.”

We are very grateful for the hard work and patience of teachers like Jessica and prayers from our supporters that have played a role in improvements such as this one.

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