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While we would love for Oasis to one day grow into a secondary school, at this time it will remain a primary school (grades 1 – 6).

To continue to empower past OGCS students like those that graduated last December, Pastor Junior Parrales (pictured above with his group) is in charge of the 7th Grade after school program held at the Oasis of Grace Christian School. There are now 11 students attending regularly and word is spreading!

One mother was overheard telling others how thankful she is that her son has the opportunity to be in a safe and positive post-school environment where he can get help on homework, lunch, Bible class and computer training*.

The parents are not the only ones excited about the program. “If Junior had been teaching me from the beginning,” says 15 year-old Fernando Flores, “things would have been different.” Praise God for Junior’s gift of teaching and his passion for working with youth!

*The 7th Graders are currently sharing 3 old computers. Please pray for the Lord to continue to bless Junior and this ministry.

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