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You may know that the Oasis of Grace Christian Academy began as a before/after school program in 2015. In that program, children often came and went for various reasons. Now that Oasis is an official school, we pray that the only ones to leave the ministry will be graduates of it.

María Roberta Jara García, 3rd Grade

“Roberta” began attending the Oasis of Grace ministry in 2019, but when the ministry closed last year due to COVID, her parents were hesitant about enrolling her in the school full time. We were surprised and delighted when we saw Roberta at Oasis’ field day in November. Not long after, we found out that her parents enrolled Roberta in the third grade at Oasis for the 2021 school year!
We sure are glad she decided to come back to the ministry and share her smile and joyful spirit with those around her!

Testimony from Roberta’s Teacher

“When Roberta didn’t pass her classes in 2019, I worked with her to make up her work. At that time, however, Roberta had a very negative attitude and showed no interest in her learning. This year, she has changed! She participates in class and is showing more interest in her studies and the Word of God. I hope and trust in God that she will keep improving.” – Profe Valeska, 3rd Grade

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