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“It was fabulous!”

“I learned so much in three days on how to study my Bible.”

“I am already seeing things in the Scriptures that I have never seen before.”

These are just a few of the comments Pastor/Missionary Jason Rogers and his wife, Tammy, received after Pastor Joe Sahl’s Bible seminar two weeks ago.

Joe and his wife, Kathie, not only got to visit the Oasis of Grace Christian School, they also had the privilege of visiting a few of the churches that Pastor Jason has planted over the last 20 years in Nicaragua.

We are always grateful for Pastor Joe’s service as a spiritual advisor for 18ten, and are particularly grateful he and Kathie were blessed to be a blessing to pastors, missionaries, and the OGCS staff while in Nicaragua.

Join us in praying that the teaching would take root in all the ministry leaders’ hearts and minds and would bear much fruit.

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