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Shown Above (from left): Marlon, Anthony, and January working on reading strategies.

A note from Oasis’ Director, Pedro Lopez:

January, Roberta, Marlon and Anthony are third graders at a local elementary school in Diriamba, Nicaragua, who began their time at Oasis very behind in reading and writing. The Oasis staff noticed this immediately and voiced our concern to the children’s parents because their inability to read and write was limiting them greatly.

Two months ago, we proposed to the families of these children that if they would commit to helping them with their homework, we (the Oasis staff) would dedicate time to teach them how to read and write. Instead of working with the rest of the kids at Oasis during academic enrichment time, this small group of children works separately, specifically on reading strategies.


Since we began this intervention, January has improved the most. She now knows how to read and will soon be able to work on the same assignments as the rest of her classmates! She was the most motivated out of the group.

Marlon has also made a lot of progress. He is very close to overcoming all his reading and writing problems, but he has mastered the basics. Initially, the difficulty with him was that he had no desire to learn, but with the current program, he seems much more motivated. Two days ago, he said, “Now I know how to read.”

And then there’s Anthony who, two months ago, would become very angry during our reading class. This discouraged us a lot simply because we had such a desire to teach him to read, but he would just reject it. Nevertheless, we continued patiently working with him until he showed more interest. He has progressed some, but we still need to work a lot with him.


Roberta is still struggling a lot with reading and has a very low reading level.

Please join us in prayer for her and the Oasis staff to help her bridge this gap!

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