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We are praising the Lord for the following news from Tammy Rogers, OGCS’ unofficial superintendent who is Pastor Jason Rogers’ wife. Director Pedro López’ grandson, Peter (5th grade), was the very first student at OGCS to accept Christ as Savior last month:

“Many of the students have been asking a lot of questions during Bible class. Peter is one who had many questions. He began to ask questions in class and then later with his granddad. Pedro asked Jason to speak with him. Jason spent about thirty minutes conversing with him, explaining and asking questions of Peter. Finally, he asked Peter if he felt like he was ready to make a decision. Peter replied that he was. Then Jason asked him when he would like to make a decision (with the idea being that he would say, “Now”). Peter told him he wanted to make the decision on Saturday! Jason asked, “Why Saturday?” “Because I don’t have anything to do on Saturday, “he replied. (I kind of think he probably wanted to talk to his mom). The next week, Jason asked Pedro if Peter had said anything else about the matter. Pedro replied that he had, in fact, made a decision on Saturday! (In all actuality he had probably made the decision in his heart earlier that week, but he told all his extended family on Saturday that he had accepted Christ as his Savior.)” – Tammy Rogers

We are so very grateful for a school staff equipped and committed to sharing the gospel so that every child hears and has the opportunity to respond. Jason has trained most of the teachers at Oasis through his local church plant in Diriamba, Nicaragua, and continues to do so through weekly Bible studies with the staff. We give special thanks for this fruit of the ministry and pray alongside Pastor Jason that many more students at OGCS will make the same life-changing decision that Peter has made!

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