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At the beginning of the year, Juanita was a very shy child. She had difficulty writing, did not even know how to write her name, nor how to count or recognize the vowels. When she wrote something on the whiteboard, she would always write the letter “A.” She would answer every addition problem with the number “2.”

Currently, she has been able to achieve some objectives such as: copying the date and sometimes short sections of text. She can count to 10, associate number and quantity up to 5, write her name, and recognize the vowels. She expresses herself with a stronger and clearer tone of voice and is enthusiastically integrated into classroom activities. She enjoys working on the whiteboard or helping pass out papers.

Her parents show interest in Juanita’s learning, always ask how she is doing, and try to send her to school nicely dressed. Praise God for the progress Juanita has made thus far and join us in praying for growth and confidence in this young girl!

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