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Happy (early) Mother’s Day to all you mothers! In honor of this special day, we want to feature Brenda Vargas, a mother of six who works full time at OGCS on the kitchen and facilities staff.

Our favorite part of her story is 6 years ago, Brenda’s children were some of our first students when Oasis began as a before/after school program to mentor young children. This was long before we ever saw God’s ultimate plan to turn our little program into a full school.

Through the ministry of Oasis, Brenda’s children attended a local church and invited their mom to come along. As a result, not only did Juan and his sister Brenda (Jr.) come to know Christ, but eventually so did Brenda (Sr.) and her other son Gabriel. Today, Brenda’s youngest daughter, Alexia (7), is in first grade at OGCS.

It is such an honor to have her now serving at the same institution where her family’s life change began. Our mission at 18ten may be to respond to the needs of disadvantaged children in Central America, but our ultimate mission is The Great Commission. We desire to serve the children in such a way that their families notice a difference, and we can help them find a local church community to understand that the difference is Jesus!

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