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Bible class at Oasis de la Gracia is an integral part of the ministry. The ministry teaches the “Iglesia Para Niños” curriculum by LifeWay, chosen by Tammy Rogers, a long-term missionary with Baptist Bible Fellowship International. Tammy distributes the curriculum, adds extra activities, and trains the Oasis staff for their lessons.

To make class more engaging, teachers use games, dramas, and songs to go along with the weekly theme. Children are also challenged to memorize a Bible verse for the week. Oasis staff has seen fruit multiply as children are highly motivated to learn the weekly verse and recite it in front of the class. If a child recites the verse confidently in front of the class four weeks in a row, Oasis gives that child his/her very own Bible!

Here is one class reciting their weekly verse from Psalms 119:11:

Join us in praying for the joy and motivation to continue to grow in the hearts and minds of every child that comes to the ministry!

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