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Pictured from left: Peter Noguera (5th), David Román (1st), and Jonathan Sánchez (2nd)

Last month we shared that Peter Noguera (5th) was the first student at the Oasis of Grace Christian School to accept Christ as Savior. Over the past month, THREE more students have made the same the decision: Jonathan Sánchez (2nd), Jonathan Pérez (5th), and David Román (1st)!

We loved this anecdote written by Manuel Rosales (Bible/English) on how Jonathan Sánchez came to faith in Christ. We trust your ❤ will be blessed to read it as well!

For the past four months, I’ve had the privilege of teaching Bible class to the children at our school. It is impressive to see the power of Christ at work in the kids’ lives. In one of the classes we addressed the gravity of sin and its consequences, the need to repent of our sin and the need for a personal savior in our lives. The next day we heard from Profe Jessica that her son Jonathan was crying a lot, alone in a corner of the courtyard of his house. His cousin, Sneyder, called Jessica over who immediately asked Jonathan what was wrong. Jonathan said, ‘Yesterday in Bible class I learned that I am a sinner, that sin is very bad, and because of that I am spiritually dead. If I repent of my sins and believe that only Jesus Christ can save me from them and give me eternal life.’ His mother asked him if he wanted to accept Jesus Christ as his only and sufficient savior. He immediately said yes and his mother directed him to make a profession of faith. It’s amazing to see the joy Jonathan had after doing that. I personally spoke to him to congratulate him and ask what happened. Jonathan told me, “Now I’m forgiven and saved by Jesus.”

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