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Partnering in ministry allows us to impact the lives of children, but in order to be effective, we must consistently depend on God to provide local Christian leaders willing to serve the children in their community. Your prayers and support currently provide opportunities for 9 local Nicaraguan Christians to be in full-time ministry as they serve at the Oasis de la Gracia before/after school ministry. By this time next year, your partnership will support a staff of 19 at the Oasis of Grace Christian Academy.

One of the leaders that God has called to this ministry is Eloísa Gaitán. We asked Eloísa to share a few details about her experience in both ministry and education so you can get a glimpse into the amazing provision God has made for children who get to be in her class:

Q: How long have you been serving in ministry and what has your experience looked like?

A: I’ve been part of the Grace of God Baptist Church of Diriamba for 14 years. It’s been a blessing for me and my family. I’ve learned a lot about the Word of God through Pastor Jason’s teachings. Ever since we starting coming to church, my family and I loved it because we saw that the they truly teach the Word. I teach Sunday School to 6-9 year-olds, and have been teaching them for 13 years.

Q: We heard you and your husband run a Bible club out of your own home. Can you share about that?

A: The Bible club that we have in our home began when some North Americans visited Nicaragua. They were visiting the communities with Pastor Jason to understand their physical and spiritual needs. They did a Bible activity in my house where over 150 people came! Pastor Jason really liked it and asked us if he could rent our house to do the Bible club. My husband told him that he couldn’t rent out the house but that the house was always available to teach the Word of God. During that time, my husband and my two daughters accepted Christ as their personal Savior. Many young people and children surrendered at the feet of Christ during those years. We began that project in 2007.

Q: When did you begin serving at Oasis de la Gracia and how did you decide to become a teacher?

A: I began serving at Oasis in February of 2017. I love this opportunity because I’ve always wanted to serve and help children. One day, the director asked me if I could study to become a teacher so that I could help teach at the school. That has always been my dream—to study to teach others. When I started studying, it was difficult, but God has given me the strength and fortitude to strive and achieve my goals.

Q: What will your role at the new academy be?

A: My responsibility and main goal as a teacher is to teach the Word of God to the kids. I am not sure which grade I will teach just yet, but I am excited for the new school and am very motivated to teach in a way that facilitates a deep understanding of the material!

We are humbled by Eloisa’s dedication, and trust she will have a profound impact on many children!

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