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Thank you for praying for both the construction of the Oasis Academy, and also for divine appointments to staff the remaining positions at the new school. It is with great joy that we introduce you to Oasis’ newest staff members: Maria Jose Lopez and Manuel Mendoza. Maria and Manuel have been married 15 years and have three boys: Jonathan (14), Caleb (10), and Santiago (6).

Maria and Manuel have 8 years in ministry experience at a local church in Managua, where Maria organizes the Sunday School materials and Manuel drives the van for children whose parents cannot bring them to church. He also occasionally preaches. During the week, Manuel works as a manager of a print shop.

Jason Rogers (our first connection to the local Nicaraguan church) and his wife, Tammy, discipled Manuel and Maria. They approached the couple about serving at Oasis earlier this year, not knowing that for over a year, Maria and Manuel had already been praying for an opportunity to serve in full-time ministry. The couple feels a deep peace from God to accept their roles at Oasis as they see this opportunity as an answer to their prayers! Maria will be the school’s full-time secretary and Manuel will also be working full—time teaching Bible and English classes.

Their commitment involves moving their family from Managua to Jinotepe (1 hour away) during December so that their children can finish out their school year in the capital city. Maria has already begun her work remotely organizing important ministry records, gathering pictures and stories, and providing other administrative support for Pedro and the rest of the Oasis staff.

Maria and Manuel shared with us their prayer for the children and families that will be impacted by the Oasis of Grace Christian Academy:

We are praying the children as well as their parents would come to know Christ, that they would grow abundantly in their knowledge of Him and that God would use the education at Oasis to bless their lives.

Please join us in praying for the Mendoza family as they prepare to leave their current jobs and schools, and are facing all of the emotions that come with such major change. We are also praying for The Lord’s provision of a safe home for them near the new school, quality schools for their oldest two sons (Oasis will begin K-4, therefore only having space for their youngest), and the rest of the details to ensure a smooth transition.

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