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Academic Evaluations
Our evaluation exams for the 3rd quarter showed a 97% pass rate in the MINED at the primary level. We are very happy since 38 children from the entire school have an academic excellence performance of 90%! These students will be given a small recognition for their efforts in this third evaluation period. We met with the parents to share the results of their children’s evaluations.

Warm Welcome
We’re delighted to welcome two new students to our school, Matías and Genesis Pineda. Matías will join Sandra’s 1st-grade class, while Genesis will be part of Valeska’s 4th-grade class. We’re grateful for their trust in our school’s values and the Christian education we provide.

2024 Enrollment
We’re thrilled to report that we’re getting closer to reaching our enrollment goal for the 2024 school year. Thanks to your support, we’ve received numerous scholarship applications and are only a few spots away from achieving our target.

Upcoming Graduation
We’ve actively engaged with parents to coordinate the upcoming sixth-grade promotion event scheduled for December 2, 2023, ensuring a memorable celebration for our students.

Prayer Requests
We seek your prayers for the following:

The successful completion of this fourth and final quarter of classes, with the hope that the values and teachings imparted to our children remain in their hearts.

That our presence as a ministry and school continues to serve as an example of dedication to the educational community.

May the guidance of our Lord Jesus Christ lead us in this challenging work, providing us with the wisdom needed to enhance our efforts with our beloved children.

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