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On our November trip to Nicaragua, the Oasis leadership team met with 18ten to share the plan for 2020
From left: Steve Miller, Samantha Lingamfelter, Pastor Ramón Suárez, Jon Minor, Director Pedro López, Hazel Lopez, Tammy Rogers, and Pastor Jason Rogers

While we hoped and planned to be fully ready and transitioned into a full-time Christian school by the next school year, we determined during our recent trip that a slower transition would be both necessary and prudent. Construction hiccups and delays have made it impossible to get the permitting necessary to open the school in February of 2020 (the start of the Nicaraguan school year), which means the official grand opening must be delayed until the following school year.

Though not what we were working toward, this delay may be in the long-term best interest of the ministry because it allows a much more structured and deliberate transition. We still anticipate that the building will be completed by early 2020, and, although we cannot use it as a school in 2020, we can use it for a very expanded version of our current ministry. So, we plan to use 2020 to shift from a supplemental tutoring program to a curriculum-based program with a structured schedule that
better aligns with the current Nicaraguan primary school programs. Over the year, we plan to increase enrollment at Oasis de la Gracia to 80 students, which will allow us to be well-positioned to kick off the school in 2021 with full classrooms. We simultaneously plan to increase the staff at Oasis to 11 full time providers to include a school director, a pastor, 5 teachers, a facilities caretaker, a cook, and 2 security officers.

Throughout this coming year, our administrative staff will continue to work on things necessary for the transition, like curriculum, rules, and policies; while some of our teachers work to complete their certification process for primary education. Despite this apparent setback, we trust God’s timing and believe our 2021 school launch will be from a much stronger and more prepared position than it could have been had we been able to rush things into place for 2020.

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