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Pictured above: Joe & Kathie Sahl with all the staff from the Oasis of Grace Christian School. The staff at OGCS got to attend his Bible hermeneutics seminar a few weeks ago.

To effectively carry out our mission of meeting the needs of disadvantaged children in Central America, our method at 18ten is centered around partnering with healthy, Bible-believing local churches in that region. In fact, the Oasis of Grace Christian School would not even exist if it were not for the Grace of God Baptist Church in Diriamba, Nicaragua. This church was planted by long-term Pastor/Missionary Jason Rogers, who now has 6 churches part of his “Ministry of Grace” network. We are so grateful for Jason’s ministry and are honored to be part of how God is using it in Nicaragua to impact the lives of Nicaraguan children.
All of this is why Pastor Joe Sahl (Pastoral Advisor for 18ten) jumped at the opportunity to support the pastors of the Ministry of Grace a few weeks ago. He and his wife, Kathie, spent the end of April and beginning of May in Nicaragua visiting Jason and Tammy (Jason’s wife) and serving as much as they could alongside the Rogers’ “Ministry of Grace.”

Hermeneutics Seminar

The main area in which they served was through a hermeneutics seminar that Pastor Joe led. There were 40+ people in attendance including all teachers, 8 pastors, at least 5 pastor wives, and other people from Managua and sister churches part of the Ministry of Grace. Those in attendance had an immediate and overwhelmingly positive response to the content presented by Pastor Joe. Check out this recent post to read a few of the responses!

Message at Chapel

Joe also got to teach chapel at Oasis the Wednesday they were there. His message to the children focused on the life of David and how, just like the children at Oasis, he once was a student! As a student, David did not know he would end up being chosen to be King David. Joe encouraged the students that neither do they know their future and what is most important right now is that each of them focus on their studies and learn about the Lord.

Preaching at Church

Joe also had the privilege of preaching twice the Sunday they were there–first at Alex Martinez’ church in the morning and then in the afternoon at Junior Parrales’ church.

Bibles Gifted to OGCS Staff

Last but certainly not least, another item on Joe and Kathie’s itinerary while in Nicaragua was helping Jason pick out and deliver Bibles to the staff at Oasis as part of an in memoriam gift from a member of Joe’s church (Believers Fellowship Bible Church Fort Worth). As you can see, the staff was all smiles upon receiving this special gift.

Overall, Joe and Kathie were delighted to get to spend a few days with Jason, Tammy, and their ministry family. May God continue to bless and equip them for their work in Nicaragua!